Monday, 17 November 2008

katelin random

Katelin is the youngest of my three nieces, She is four years old and a lovely character. She uses her manners when she remembers, talks alot like she doesn't want to be quiet, she enjoys watching Cbeebies on tv, her faviourite program is called In The Night Garden and she loves to eat grapes. Her faviourite fruit though is strawberries and she also likes bananas, she finds it hard to say yellow so she says lellow. She loves posing for photos when I am taking them of her it is like she is a natural model by heart. She enjoys board games like monopoly and the shopping game, as well as playing snap with cards and pairs. She loves to dance to funny music when she is in the mood, sometimes she laughs about nothing and can not seem to stop for ages. She is very ticklish and she loves to help me when I am tidying up or cleaning something. She enjoys going places with me and gets upset still when I say I have to go and she stays with nanny.
When learning to walk she would not give up and would hold on to furniture to stand on her feet, it was lovely to see her determination.

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