Monday, 17 November 2008

day trip to Dickens World, Kent.

I went to Dickens World with my Dad as he is a coach driver and sometimes takes people to places for day trips, he asked if I wanted to come and I didn't want to miss out on the opportunity so I said yes. It took a while to get there, as it is all the way in a town called Chatham, Kent, England Dickens World is about the life and times of the writer Charles Dickens. The inside of Dickens world was not what I was expecting, it was a lot smaller and very dark there, but the props and buildings did look just like they would have back in Victorian London where Dickens was all that time ago. We walked around the place and went on a wet ride and we didn't really get wet at all, there was voices playing to do with one of Dickens books called Great Expectations and we went past a few scenes on the boat ride, I was worried that something was going to jump out at us and scare us but nothing did. One part I hid my head, but still nothing I did feel silly afterwards and when they said we would get wet we did not. It was pointless, also we went inside this thing called the haunted House there was a creepy lady who was trying to scare us with staring and she had make-up like she was a ghost. She told us to go up the stairs as we were with a group, we stopped at various places to watch films about books by Dickens again like "scrooge" or the christmas carol. I found it quite boring I must admit as the house didn't seem scary at all, I prepared myself at the end for the lady to go boo at the last corner but she never did, once out me and dad just walked around some more.

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