Wednesday, 19 November 2008

christmas 2006

What I remember of christmas 2006 is that I woke up about 9 am and I went to Church at 10:30 for the morning service even though it was Monday I think. It started with singing carols and other praise songs, I can not remember what they were then, it turned out that my ex-boyfriend came and this was when we were still together. We sat together the whole time and once the service finished I had a quick cup of tea and a few biscuits, then I said goodbye to Joe and left to go round my sister's house.
But first I went home to get the presents for them, there were very big ones for the kids and some small ones, a few nights before my aunt and uncle had come with some as well. I went with Dad in the car and mum, I sat in the back with the presents very squashed.
Once we got to Ruth's house the sitting room was covered with Christmas wrapping paper from when my nieces had opened their presents once they had woken up, probably that was about 7 or 8 am. They were enjoying their new toys and playing with them on the floor, I handed them the other presents and Katelin who was 2 had help from her mum.
Blain my sister's partner was trying to put their toys together or get them off the packaging or boxes and we were given our presents from Ruth and Blain and opened them. The dog was in the sitting room as well and jumped at us when we came in like he always does, back then he was under 1 about 10 months old.

We had also brought snacky food round and put it on the dining table with the rest of the food to snack on and we put the tv on for a bit of course there was christmas shows on and films to watch. I think we watched home alone 2 or something similar and listened to christmas songs on the music channel. Also I helped the children with their toys and played with them, I remember that I received a playstaion 2 game from Ruth as she didn't know what to get me, so she asked beforehand.
About 4 or 5 pm Ruth put the chicken in the oven to roast and Dad helped with the roast potatoes and yorkshire puddings. Mum just watched the tv or talked to Ruth or Blain about random things or when dinner is. When we had dinner it was lovely and we got quite full up from the snacky food, we had a few cups of tea or coffee each inbetween.
We didn't go home from Ruth's until about 9 pm that year and we watched a few christmas films and chatted about things, tidied up all the mess and put away the laft over food as well as ensuring the children put their toys upstairs in their rooms and they went to bed about 8 pm I think or after a film was over.

I remember a few days before Ruth came with the girls to a Christingle service with the oranges and candles, The girls enjoyed having their own safe candle each and the older two joined in when the leaders of the service asked children to come to the front. They would get sweets or a small present if they got a question right, I think Louise (the oldest)answered one right. We had pictures on our tables for joining in a song of the twelve days of christmas, where you stand up when your picture is called like four calling birds. It was quite funny and the children enjoyed the service the most and they left to go home when it finished at 7:30 pm. About 2 weeks before christmas day me and Dad went to Bovingdon Market which is on an old aircraft runway and then we got a dog mat for our dog Lulu who wasn't there on xmas day as it would be hard with Stitch the other dog. I brought baking kits to make chocolate, ice cream and milkshake for the children and Dad got them a princess castle set each and a doll with accessories for Katelin.They really enjoyed them on xmas day but it was hard to be able to use the baking kits I tried to help the girls, the instructions were rubbish I thought. I also brought the Girls a christmas stocking each and put sweets inside for them to enjoy and a princess jewelry set each.

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