Tuesday, 25 November 2008

"childcare" Meme

I made up this meme for people who work in childcare or have children or who just have nieces/nephews, grandchildren or younger cousins.
I will put a series of questions for anyone to complete about themselves and what they like or dislike about working with young children. I have not stolen this of any other blogs, I just decided to make my own when looking on sundaystealing.blogspot.com

1: What stories and rhymes do you enjoy singing and reading with young children?
2: How many times have you wanted to give in or give up?
3: What toys do you secretly enjoy playing with the children?
4: How long have you been working with children?
5: How would you describe what it is like to be a parent?
6: Have you got inspiration from your children or others in your care?
7:How many scrapbooks involve the children you care for?
8:Would you recommend working with children to other people?
9:Can describe your best experience working with young children?
10:What have young children thought you about Life?
11:Can you name the words to songs for children?
12: What are your faviourite activities to do with children?
13:How many times have you found yourself being silly?
14:What meals do you enjoy cooking for children?
15:What fears have you helped the children overcome?
16:How long have you been looking after children?
17:If you are an au pair How many places have you been to work?
18:Are you able to think of new games using your imagination?
19:Have you been able to act quickly when needed?
20:Would you love being a parent? or if you are one do you cherish it?
21:Do you enjoy pretending you are santa when buying presents at xmas?
22:Does your family have christmas traditions that the children enjoy?
23:Do you regulary go on outings or random fun?
24:How many times have you taken the children to theme parks?
25:Do you ensure the children get healthy having their 5 a day?
26:How many times have you wished to have a break?
27:Do you ever find yourself acting like when of the children?
28:What are your faviourite childhood experiences?
29:Do you regulary love to take photos of the children?
30:Would you post this meme on your blog?

Thank you for doing my post please comment
and you can post it/ steal it if your would like to

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